WisdomWithin launches new Facebook page!

With our 1st Episode of Season 2 of the WWPodcast hitting the airwaves, we are also in the process of updating our website, and have just launched our own Facebook page! Just another hopeful doorway toward reaching and supporting as many folks as possible on this wellness journey! You can join us at:


Thanks in advance for following, and for your “Likes” & “Shares”!

WisdomWithin Podcast, Season 2, Episode 1, Now Airing!

After a rather lengthy break for relocating, regrouping, & re-certifying (your PodHostess is a NY Certified Peer Specialist in mental health, where continuing education is an ongoing requirement), your WisdomWithin Podcast is back on the airwaves to begin our second season, with Episode 1, “Coping When Life Doesn’t Go To Plan.” A rather timely piece, what, with all of us working our way out of a year of pandemic and isolation and loss. This is about how we move forward, despite such losses. We hope you will tune in and share us with anyone who might need some encouragement.